California Elder Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation Resources. 

California Resources

State Government Agencies

Help Lines and Hotlines

  • Elder Abuse: Domestic/Community 1-888-436-3600
  • Local Elder Abuse Reporting Numbers
  • Nursing Home Abuse/Long Term Care
    • Long Term Care Ombudsman 1-800-231-4024
    • Attorney General's Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse 1-800-722-0432

Steps to report Dependent Adult or Elder Abuse to Adult Protective Services:

  1. Call 911 for Life-Threatening Emergencies
  2. Call Adult Protective Services to report dependent adult or elder abuse
  3. Complete State Abuse report forms:

    Mandated Reporters and all other reporters use this form:
    "Report of Suspected Dependent Adult/Elder Abuse" (SOC 341)

    Financial Institutions ONLY use this form:
    "Report of Suspected Dependent Adult/Elder Financial Abuse" (SOC 342)

    Mail the written report within 2 working days to:
    Your local Department of Health and Human Services (See Local Resources)

Laws and Regulations

Sources for Statistics

Other Resources

Legal Resources:

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It is our goal to provide the most up-to-date information regarding identifying and reporting elder abuse, neglect and exploitation. If you would like to be referred to an attorney for assistance please complete this form.
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