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U.S. Nursing homes quietly kill thousands

They died painful, preventable deaths and left behind families tormented by their loss.

They are victims of poor care in nursing homes, a cross section cut from the fabric of America - mothers and fathers, war heroes and homemakers, black and white.

writing for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in a series of articles on the state of nursing home care in the US Oct. 12 - 19, 2002


The number of 4,138 deaths that occurred on account of obvious and quite possibly deliberate deadly neglect in 1999 is about four times as many as women that were being killed in spousal violence incidents in 1999 and almost three times as many as all reported spousal violence-related homicides in a given year.  The true disparity between those two causes of death, deliberate neglect and deliberate violence, could, going by what Louisiana Sen. John Breaux stated, be much larger than that.

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  • Elder Abuse Hotline 1-800-259-4990 (Toll free in Louisiana) or 1-225-342-9722

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